ASofV History

History of The Aquarium Society of Victoria

The Society was inaugurated at a meeting on May 24th. 1933, when a group of aquarists determined to form a society to allow opportunities for like-minded individuals to share an interest in the study of aquatic life in the domestic situation.

As a consequence, the first official meeting of the Society was held at the (then) Melbourne Aquarium alongside the Exhibition Buildings, on the 17th. of July 1933, with twelve attendees.
Interest and initiative grew as more and more exotic fishes were successfully bred. Meetings continued at the Exhibition Buildings, then later, in the homes of members.Eventually a larger meeting venue was required and the North Melbourne Town Hall became the home of the A. S. of V. until 1959

It was in this year that the venue changed to the National Herbarium, located in the Shrine Gardens on Birdwood Avenue, where meetings were held for the next decade. On May 22nd. 1971, the Society relocated its headquarters to its own, newly renovated premises at 29 Grant Street, Clifton Hill.

The hall being purchased from the defunct Abbotsford Angling Club. The Society has continued operating, with monthly meetings at the renamed C.R.Paton Hall in Grant Street, proud of its achievements in developing interest, and extending knowledge of, fish keeping in Victoria

In 2010 we begin a new phase of operations working in close conjunction with the Eastern Districts Aquarium Society, with alternating meetings combining members of both clubs. This action has proved beneficial to both clubs with attendances at record levels and participation in club activities at the highest level for many years.

In 2015 Walter Paton, brother of Ron, died and made a signifcant bequest to the Aquarium Society of Victoria in memory of Ron. This bequest provided adequate funding  to maintain the club for many years and allowed upgrading of the C. R. Paton Hall. Some of the bequest was used to upgrade facilities at the Society’s hall with the installation of air conditioning, new toilet block and general painting and refurbishing.   We now boast one of the finest dedicated venues for club activities in  Australia where we have been able to fund visits by overseas speakers.

In 2022 EDAS wound up, its remaining members, and Life Members were welcomed as members of A.S. of V

Life Members

#     Member                           Elected
1     Mr. J. (Jack) Sharp*          July 1953
2     Mr. W. (Bill) Peeler*         July 1956
3     Mr. C. (Cecil) Davis*        March 1971
4     Mr. C. R.(Ron ) Paton*    March 1971
5     Mr. R. (Ron) Bradley*      July 1980
6     Mr. R. (Ron) Bowman      May 1991
7     Mr. E. (Ernie) Hicks          November 1994
8     Mr. R. (Reg) Ayton           November 1994
9     Mrs. V. (Val) Bradley*        November 1994
10    Mrs T (Thelma) Ayton*  November 2004
11    Mrs. B.(Barbara) Smith   November 2005
12    Mr. D. (David) Smith       November 2005
13    Mr. L. (Lino) Avellino      November 2008
14    Mr. D. (Daryl) Maddock  November 2008
15    Mr. B. (Brian) Watt          November  2011

* Indicates deceased

Past Presidents

#            President-                Period
1          Mr. N. McCance         1933-1935
2          Mr. B. Bentley             1935-1936
3          Mr. S. Lawrence         1936-1937
4          Mr. C. Welch               1937-1939
5          Mr. J. Coombs            1939-1946
6          Mr. W. C. Peeler          1946-1956
7          Mr. C. Campbell         1956-1958
8          Mr. C .Davis                1958-1959
9          Mr. C. Campbell         1959-1960
10       Mr. C. Bush                  1960-1962
11       Mr. H. Dunbar              1962-1964
12       Mr. J. Keenes                1964-1966
13       Mr. R. Bowman            1966-1968
14       Mr. R. Bradley              1968-1970
15       Mr. E. Hicks                  1970-1972
16       Mr. H. Boothman         1972-1974
17       Mr. R. Bowman            1974-1975
18       Mr. B. Brown                1975-1977
19       Mr. R.Lewis                  1977-1979
21       Mr. R. Ayton                1979-1981
22       Mrs. V. Bradley            1981-1983
23       Mr. D. Smith                1983-1985
24       Mr. R. Bradley              1985-1987
25       Mr. I. McIntosh            1987-1989
26       Mr. E. Hicks                  1989-1991
27       Mr. B. Watt                   1991-1993
28       Mr. L. Avellino             1993-1995
29       Mrs. B. Smith               1996-1997
30       Mr. R. Ayton                1998-1999
31       Mr. D. Smith                1999-2000
32       Mr. J. O’Neill                2000-2002
33       Mr. J. Murray               2002-2004
34       Mr. C. Micallef             2004-2006
35       Mr. E. Hicks                 2006-2008
36       Mr. D. Skop                 2009 -2010
37       Mr. E.Hicks                  2010-2011
38       Mr. G. Moulden          2011- 2014
39       Mr L. Sabin                  2014-2017
40       Mr. J.Kleyn                   2018-2020
41       Mr. D.Hocking             2020-current